Aesthetic Homes
About company
A rug company isn’t about just selling rugs. It’s about providing the best services, bringing the most magnificent rugs and ultimately creating aesthetic homes. And here is where we are - Aesthetic homes aim to bring you the best hand knotted rugs made using the finest yarns which will bring a marvelous flair to your space. Finest quality with original design and flawless service, Aesthetic homes is a rug extraordinaire who can metamorphose your homes subtly and artfully.
Each grandeur hand-knotted rug in our shop has been made using the exceptional quality of wool and other natural fibers. We also offer a range of impressive decor of outstanding designs and colors custom-tailored to specially meet the requirements of your perfect dwellings.
We have an expert understanding of the rugs, and thus we will go to great lengths to help you find the perfect piece of rug for your space.
Company’s Aim
We do not need mere days to celebrate a woman. Their achievements require a lifetime to be acknowledged. Thus, we aim to take our family-run business of specializing in handcrafted rugs and carpets and beautifying homes with a different and new perception.
Our venture which is based in Florida and India looks forward to becoming a Feminocentric organization by enrolling women as the supporter of our cause of bringing you the best hand-knotted masterpieces and other beautiful creations to amplify the exquisiteness of your homes.
Being the second generation of the family, I intend to carry on the business with the same spirit and zeal that my Father had back in the ’70s while laying its foundation.
We are not just a company but a passion which values innovation